About Us

Bingham County Historical Society (BCHS) strives to provide a means whereby individuals interested in the history of Bingham County, Idaho, can meet and acquaint themselves with the history of the county. The Society strives to acquire and preserve historical objects, documents, photographs, and other items. The Society works to disseminate historical information and facts through meetings, programs, trips, and any other means deemed suitable.

Bingham County Historical Society operates the Bingham County Historical Museum located at 190 North Shilling, Blackfoot, Idaho, and the Bingham County Historical Society Archive located at 121 North Shilling, Blackfoot, Idaho.

Bingham County Historical is a nonprofit organization exempt from Federal Income Tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The staff and Board of Directors of Bingham County Historical Society are all unpaid volunteers who serve because of their passion for preserving the history of Bingham County. Volunteers and donations are greatly appreciated.